Our History


Francisco Jeepney has been the King of the Road for 76 years now since 1947. During WW2, most of the public transportations in the Philippines were destroyed by the Japanese leaving Filipinos struggling to move around economic resources whether food or workforce. After WW2, the military jeeps that were left by the US army were turned into moving works of art by entrepreneur and renowned artist, Anastacio Francisco, with a starting capital of only 200 Pesos. He grew the Francisco Jeepney business with his two brothers, Fernando and Jorge, from a small painting shop into a huge automotive manufacturing company with the longest standing history and experience.


Francisco Jeepney throughout history and the bulletproof Francisco Pope Mobile with Pope John Paul II who is now a Saint during the World Youth Day in Manila.

Elmer Francisco, scion of the Francisco Clan, with over 30 years of jeepney making experience was at the helm and continued the legacy. Francisco launched the first full electric modernized Francisco Jeepney in April 2018 together with the Department of Transportation and Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board at the biggest and equzlly iconic Luneta Park. The modernized Francisco Jeepney is much safer and more comfortable for passengers, more durable and more environment friendly along with its own Automated Fare Collection System, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other state-of-the-art technologies.

And, the rest is history but the story continues as Elmer Francisco passed the helm to his son, the third generation of jeepney makers, Dominic Francisco who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The younger Francisco has just added to the roster a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) owner-type jeepney that could be assembled from out of the shelf by users themselves or could be assembled for them by accredited Francisco Jeepney assemblers.

Watch out for more exciting new projects from the younger King of the Road!



After over 30 years of jeepney making and 76 years of family traditions, Elmer Francisco has passed the baton to his son, Dominic Francisco, who is now Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the jeepney making company.

Many have tried to remake and imitate the quality and durability of Francisco-made vehicles but all of them have failed. The reason behind it is simple. Jeepney making is an art combined with time-tested trade secrets and family traditions that only those at the helm would ever know and understand.

Watch out for the more exciting and technologically advanced vehicles from Francisco.