Wheel Hub Electric Motor: A Cheaper Way To Construct?

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As compared to in in-axle electric motor drive in current EV models, putting a motor near a wheel may likely become cheaper to construct.

Had you ever seen a two-wheel electric bike having a motor on a rear wheel? Well, this type of vehiclemostly Chinese modelfound in most streetways in urban or suburban areas in the Philippines today may be satisfactory to drive in spite of "being slow to run" to conserve energy from a small battery. Of couse, if you want to run faster, you need not only require an additional battery set but a redesigned multi-way brushless DC motor circuitry with more torque and acceleration.

And in terms of constructing a custom-built electric vehicles including electric jeepney, aside from axle-driven electric motor there's an in-wheel hub motor connected on each wheel.

NSK, a manufacturer of genuine bearing found in vehicle parts, had developed a concept in-wheel hub motor (see picture below) capable to run faster with a combition of automatic gear shifting and full-torque-acceleration brushless DC motor. The motor can even handle at prescribed full load limit; that is for instance when it comes for loading a nunber of passengers or objects.

Diagram of NSK in-wheel hub motor

Rolling out in-wheel hub motor may be coming soon in the future. Hopefully this would be satisfied to install and maintain custom-built EV parts.

For more information visit the websitelink here.