The following terms, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, Community Standards, and Terms of Service, are applicable to individuals who serve as creators and administrators of Pages, groups, and Events. Please be aware that other terms and policies, including our Developer Policies, may also come into play based on how you utilize our services.

Pages, groups, and Events serve as vital platforms for fostering communities with shared interests. Admins play a pivotal role as the guiding forces, representatives, and guardians of these communities. We expect admins to maintain authenticity in their representation and to prioritize the safety and welfare of their communities.

In cases where admins generate content that contravenes our policies (or when group admins or moderators approve content that violates our policies, even if created by others), we reserve the right to take appropriate actions concerning the Page, group, or Event where the content is displayed.

Pages, Groups, and Events Policies:

Creation and Usage

Please refrain from creating Pages, groups, or Events that contravene our Community Standards. Ensure that any content you generate or allow to be generated adheres to these standards. In cases where Pages, groups, or Events appear to have been established for purposes violating our policies or are repeatedly and severely in violation of our policies, we reserve the right to take action. When a Page, group, or Event is removed due to policy violations, its administrator(s) will not be allowed to create new Pages, groups, or Events with the same or similar subject matter in the future.


Do not assign a name or username to your Page, group, or Event that includes profanity or infringes upon our Community Standards. Avoid altering the name of your Page, group, or Event in a way that significantly changes its original purpose. Do not merge two Pages when their purposes differ substantially. Please note that additional restrictions apply to the naming of Pages and Events.


It is prohibited to place a verified checkmark in the profile picture or cover photo of your Page, group, or Event, or to falsely represent in any manner that Jeepney has verified or authenticated your Page, group, or Event.


Under no circumstances use a Page, group, or Event to promote online gambling without obtaining our prior, written permission. This prohibition extends to games where participants must wager anything of monetary value, and where anything of monetary value constitutes part of the prize. Common forms of gambling and gaming activities encompass betting, lotteries, raffles, casinos, fantasy sports, bingo, and poker.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Do not employ a Page, group, or Event to promote drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers without securing our prior, written permission. We require that these treatment centers hold the appropriate licenses before being eligible for promotion on Jeepney.

Online Pharmacies

The promotion of prescription pharmaceuticals through an online pharmacy on a Page, group, or Event is not permitted without our prior, written permission. We mandate that online pharmacies possess the requisite licenses before being eligible for promotion on Jeepney.


If you utilize your Page, group, or Event to announce or manage a promotion, such as a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes, ensure that your promotion complies with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This includes providing entrants with a copy of the promotion's official rules, disclosing offer terms and eligibility requirements, and registering the promotion with relevant authorities. Participants must release Jeepney from liability and acknowledge that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Jeepney. Your promotion should not require or incentivize participants to share, repost, tag others, or publicize it in any other way. It's important to note that Jeepney does not assist in administering promotions, and you do so at your own risk if you choose to use our services for this purpose.

Data Collection

If you wish to collect content or information from individuals who interact with your Page, group, or Event, you must provide them with notice and obtain their explicit consent to use their data. It should be made clear that you, and not Jeepney, are collecting this data.

Page Insights

Data processing for Page Insights in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom may be subject to the Page Insights Controller Addendum, which is incorporated into these policies by reference.

Branded Content

If you receive anything of value to promote third-party products or services within your Page, group, or Event, you must adhere to our Branded Content Policies to disclose the commercial nature of your content.

Event Costs and Invitations

You must transparently disclose any actions or expenses necessary to attend or participate in an Event, including any fees or ancillary charges in addition to the stated admission cost. Event invitations should not be generated using automated means.

Legal Compliance

Pages, groups, and Events should not promote illegal activities, products, or services. You are responsible for ensuring that your Page, group, or Event complies with all relevant laws, statutes, and regulations, including those pertaining to the promotion of age-restricted activities and substances. You are solely responsible for including all necessary disclosures within your Page, group, or Event, especially those required to indicate the commercial nature of the content you may post.