lithium tea plucking machine variety, how to choose?

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lithium tea plucking machine

lithium tea plucking machine specifications are various, from the drive point of view, the current popular is fuel lithium tea plucking machine and electric lithium tea plucking machine, Different specifications, categories, models, prices are not the same. Of course, price is not the main factor in determining whether the lithium tea plucking machine is suitable, and it needs to be judged comprehensively. How to choose lithium tea plucking machine, these four tricks can not be less, today's lithium tea plucking machine market, lithium tea plucking machine brand, model there are many kinds of, How should consumers choose?

Certificate complete: Qualified lithium tea plucking machine should have a production license, product certificate and so on. The product certificate includes the certificate of all components. If the lithium tea plucking machine certificate is inconsistent with the number on the nameplate, it should be noted that it is most likely a second-hand assembly product and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

machine noise should be low: When consumers buy lithium tea plucking machine, they should pay attention to the noise of the electric lithium tea plucking machine is smaller than the fuel fence machine, and the operation is more stable, and the supply is a lithium battery cutting machine.

See if the seller specializes in selling lithium tea plucking machine: At present, there are more shops selling lithium tea plucking machine, so the market is chaotic, many are only temporary "guest", and disappear after the peak season, customers should choose regular businesses, so that after-sales service will be guaranteed.

The price should be appropriate: different brands, the same parameters of the lithium tea plucking machine price will also be different, such as 24V20AH lithium battery lithium tea plucking machine price is 1000 yuan, with the parameters of different manufacturers of the price is 1200 yuan. Many consumers buy where they like when they are cheap, which is a wrong concept. There is indeed a price difference between different brands, but if the price difference is too large, there will be a secret in the middle, because the cost is certain (under the premise of qualified product quality), at this time the price difference is too much, the quality of the product will have problems, of course, not cheap must be poor, but also depending on the specific situation. At present, the price of lithium tea plucking machine in the market is very transparent, "good and cheap" although it is the idea of many users, but more product quality is proportional to the price.

lithium tea plucking machine