Application of rubber product making machine manufacturer

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rubber product making machine manufacturer

Manufacturers produce various models and types of rubber sheets, now rubber sheets are widely used in our lives, then we have some rubber product making machine manufacturer that have been used for a long time, then what do they do? Did you just throw it away? Or does it serve a different purpose? Below, our manufacturer will introduce it to you.

Waste rubber can be pre-processed. Waste rubber products generally have non-rubber skeleton materials such as fibers and metals, plus a wide variety of rubber products. Therefore, the waste rubber should be pre-processed before crushing, including sorting, removal, cutting, cleaning and other processing. The waste rubber should also be inspected and classified, and the waste rubber and its products of different categories and different sources should be classified according to the requirements. Ideally, the method of recycling management cycle should be adopted, and the waste rubber sources should be processed purposefully. After sorting and removing the non-rubber components of the waste rubber, due to different lengths, uneven thickness, can not be directly crushed, must be cut waste rubber. Waste rubber, especially tires and rubber shoes, due to long-term contact with the ground, mixed with a lot of sediment and other impurities, should first be cleaned by a drum washing machine to ensure the quality of rubber powder.

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rubber product making machine manufacturer