About JEEPNEY by eFrancisco Motor Corporation
Jeepney is the world renowned "King of the Road" popularized by the Francisco Family in the Philippines where people gather daily as they go to work, school, market, etc. With our new social networking site, users can share anything with their fellow passengers and create lifelong friendships, ...or even the love of their lives.

JEEPNEY is the main mode of public transportation in the Philippines since the aftermath of World War II wherein the Japanese invaders destroyed most of the trains and other modes of public transportations.

In every problem, we find opportunity and the Filipino ingenuity kicked in turning the military jeeps that the US Army left into moving works of art as public transportation.

Anastacio Trinidad Francisco (the artist) along with his two brothers Fernando and Jorge (the mechanical engineer) started Francisco Motor Corporation in 1947 with only a 200 Peso capital and turned it into a huge corporation.

Anastacio was a great artist who painted beautiful Philippine sceneries in the likes of Banaue Rice Terraces, Mayon Volcano, Rice Fields in Central Luzon and many more on Jeepneys as if they were his canvas. Not to mention, the iconic metal horses on top of the hood combined with other stainless trimmings, horns, jets, antenna, etc.

Tourists from all over the world always include having their pictures taken inside an iconic Jeepney in their to-do lists.

Along with this rich history, the Jeepney has become a part of the Filipino culture. The commuting public ride the Jeepney each and everyday to go to work, school, market, church, vacation destinations and of any purpose they may have.

Quite a number have met the love of their lives inside the Jeepney. People became lifelong friends having met and ride the Jeepney each and everyday from their early childhood until their old age. Many tell stories and share their experiences with their fellow passengers inside the Jeepney.

With this in mind, the Chairman of eFrancisco Motor Corporation and scion of the Francisco Clan of Las Piñas City Elmer Francisco in collaboration with VETCOIN Foundation has created our very own Philippine-based social network called JEEPNEY so that everyone from all over the world could take part and experience the warmth and excitement of riding in a virtual JEEPNEY.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up now, enjoy and make new friends. Who knows, you might even find the love of your life.