Jeepney develops technologies and services designed to create connection, community-building, and business growth support for people. These Terms oversee your usage of Jeepney and our array of products, features, apps, services, technologies, and software offerings, collectively referred to as Jeepney Products or Products, unless expressly stated otherwise. These Products are made available to you by Jeepney.

          Using Jeepney and the encompassed products and services, as described in these Terms, typically does not incur charges for users unless you are paying for premium services which include the higher account levels. Businesses, organizations, and individuals pay us to display advertisements promoting their products and services to you. By utilizing our Products, you consent to the presentation of ads that we believe are pertinent to your interests. To achieve this, we leverage your personal data to customize the ads you see.

1. Services We Provide

          Our commitment is to empower individuals, enhance global connectivity, and build communities. To fulfill this mission, we offer the following products and services:

          1.1. Personalized Experience: Your Jeepney experience is unique to you. We tailor the content you encounter on Jeepney, including posts, stories, events, ads, and more, based on your connections, preferences, and interactions on our platform. By using data about your activity, settings, and choices, we personalize your experience.

          1.2. Connecting You: We help you discover and connect with people, groups, businesses, and organizations that matter to you across Jeepney's various products. We use data to make recommendations, such as suggesting groups to join, events to attend, job offers, movie watch parties to join in, crowdfunding events, Jeepney Pages to follow, games, and more. We believe that meaningful community-building activities create better connections.

          1.3. Express Yourself: Jeepney provides multiple ways for you to express yourself and communicate about your interests. This includes sharing status updates, photos, videos, stories, messaging, creating events, pokes, blogs, games, and groups, to share engaging content.

          1.4. Discovering Content: We deliver personalized ads, offers, and sponsored content to help you find products and services from businesses and organizations using Jeepney. Please refer to Section 2 for more details on personalized advertising.

          1.5. Promoting Safety: Safety, security, and integrity are paramount. We invest in security measures, and our teams worldwide work to detect misuse and harmful conduct. We may take actions to protect our community, including notifying, assisting, removing content, or engaging law enforcement, as necessary.

          1.6. Advanced Technologies: We employ cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, and machine learning to ensure that our services are accessible and safe for everyone. These technologies enhance the experience of Jeepney users.

          1.7. Research and Improvement: We continually research and analyze user data to improve our products. This involves surveys, feature testing, and troubleshooting to provide better services.

          1.8. Seamless Experience: Our systems are designed to provide a seamless experience across all Jeepney Company Products. This includes connecting with people and businesses effortlessly across different Jeepney platforms.

          1.9. Ensuring Access: To operate our global services, we may transfer, store, and distribute data worldwide, including outside your country. This is essential to provide our services and comply with local laws and regulations.

2. Personalized Advertising on Jeepney Products

          We respect your privacy, and we do not share your personal data with advertisers without your explicit permission. Advertisers who work with us have access to a range of advertising targeting tools, which enable them to show personalized ads to people who share their interests, demographics, and other characteristics. Detailed information about ad performance is shared with advertisers. When advertisers run campaigns on Jeepney, they do not see personal information about the people who view their ads. We give advertisers reports about the performance of their ads that help them understand how people are interacting with their content.

3. Terms Specific to Pages

          If you manage a Page on Jeepney, or run promotions or ads from a Page, our Commercial Terms apply to you. You can find these terms at Business Terms.

4. Special Provisions for Software

          When you download or use our software, such as standalone software, apps, or browser plugins, you agree to receive upgrades, updates, and additional features to enhance the software. Modifying, decompiling, or extracting source code is only allowed under specific circumstances.

5. Advertising and Commercial Content

In order to deliver relevant advertising and commercial content, you agree to the following:

          5.1. Use of Name and Profile Picture: We may use your name, profile picture, and actions taken on Jeepney in connection with ads, offers, and sponsored content, without compensation. However, access to this information is controlled by your permissions.

          5.2. Identification of Paid Services: We may not always label paid services and communications as such.

6. Intellectual Property

          When using content provided by us and covered by intellectual property rights, we retain all rights to that content. You may only use our copyrights or trademarks as explicitly allowed in our Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission.

7. Amendments

          We will notify you of any changes to these terms and provide you with the opportunity to review and comment on the revised terms before continuing to use our Products.

8. Termination

          We may cease providing Jeepney services to you if you violate these Terms or create risks for us. You can also delete your account or disable your application at any time. Some provisions will continue to apply even after termination.

9. Disputes

          We aim to establish clear rules to resolve disputes. Venue and jurisdiction for resolving claims depend on your residence and the nature of the dispute.

10. Other (Repetition)

          These Terms replace all previous agreements and constitute the entire agreement between you and Jeepney regarding your use of our Products.

11. Contacting Jeepney

          For questions about these Terms or any other matters, please contact us at