Brief introduction to All-Servo Tube Bender equipment standard and bending radius standard

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All-Servo Tube Bender

As we All know, All-servo Tube Bender is the most common machine in our life. It mainly bends an object and is mainly used for laying and repairing pipelines in electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, Bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has many advantages, such as multiple functions, reasonable structure and simple operation. All-Servo Tube Bender reduces labor costs in the traditional mode and greatly improves work efficiency. All-Servo Tube Bender products are indispensable in our daily life, such as the office seats we work in. As long as there is pipe bending, All-Servo Tube Bender is needed. Especially in the industrial field, pipe bending is an important component widely used. Then what is the standard of All-Servo Tube Bender equipment integrity? Please refer to the following:

1. The parts are complete and the quality meets the requirements

1 The main transmission and auxiliary system parts are complete, the hydraulic system has no leakage, complete accessories, and the quality meets the specified technical requirements.

2 Pressure gauge, oil mark, pressure relay protection sensitive and reliable, oil quality in line with hydraulic oil technical standards.

3 The connection between the body and the foundation feet is stable and not loose.

4 Oil system pipeline layout is reasonable, no damage, hydraulic parts sensitive and reliable transmission.

5 The protective paint of the equipment shall not fall off, the exposed surface shall be clean, and there shall be no oil dirt or yellow robe.

2. The equipment is in normal operation with good performance

1 Under rated load conditions, the relay protection system is sensitive and reliable, reaching the nameplate output standard.

2 The equipment is well lubricated, the oil circuit is smooth, the oil quality meets the requirements of the technical conditions, the lubrication is five fixed, and the oil is filtered at three levels.

3 All gears and bearings in the gearbox of the machine tool are lubricated by splash, and other parts are lubricated by dispersion and single point.

The technical information is complete and accurate

1 Equipment files, maintenance records, acceptance records are complete, fill in timely and accurate, installation test records, fault maintenance records are complete without alteration.

2 Accurate statistics, complete operation records, reasonable operating procedures, careful implementation of equipment maintenance procedures.

3 Technical specifications, wearing parts drawings are complete, and there are assembly drawings to meet the needs of maintenance.

The equipment and environment are neat and clean

1 The environment is clean, no drip, leakage phenomenon, when the work stops, the tools and fetal tools are restored to their original positions.

2 There is a prescribed safe passage, and the accessories are placed orderly and reasonable.

All-Servo Tube Bender